Genesis ERT Global
Its size and compactness compared to comparable generators of equal generating capacity in the market place.  One person can lift the 6kW system by themselves reducing the risk of injury and reducing the amount of resources required to install.
It has two moving parts requiring minimum maintenance and downtime.  All current kilowatt models only require as little as 30 minutes downtime to change bearings to a maximum 60 minutes for a complete change out and reinstall.  This reduces ongoing maintenance costs and resources needed for maintenance.

It is the only inline/in-pipe generator on the market with no extrusions from the pipe.  Its simple design means the resources required to make it leave a smaller footprint than other generation systems on the market.

Its single design can be used to multiple applications with the use of 'clip on' attachments requiring no base design changes with exception of flute and hub changes to suit fluid conditions.  It can be fully submersed therefore ideal for tidal and river applications as well.  This simple design allows end users to generate electricity.

Investment Opportunity
GenesisERT is exploring the prospect of an affiliation with municipals and construction industries.  If you are interested in generating your own power to reduce your energy costs or a building company who specialises in commercial or high-rise buildings, and are interested in installing FlowGen into your building to help towards achieving a green star rating please contact us to discuss options.