Q:  How much power will FlowGen generate?

A:  Our smallest unit can generate up to 1kW constant.  Our largest generator will soon be 35kW constant. 
You can generate up to120kW if there is enough water flow. They are pretty much cogging torque free. All the generation happens inside the pipeline.  There are no bulky protruding parts.  It simply bolts into the pipe run.  If your power needs are larger you maybe interested in the containerised version, this is a mobile unit that can be shipped to remote locations.

Q:  When installed into the pipe run,  how much pressure drop can you expect?

A:  That's up to you, we can adapt to suit.  The generator can be adjusted by design to suit the flow.  You can install the generators in series, there will be drop off after each one.

Q:  What size generator will suit our requirements?

A: We will need to have a clear understanding of your facility location to identify a suitable generator.  We need the flow rate, head pressure and pipe diameter so we can customise to suit your needs. You will also need to give us what you can afford to lose with regards to pressure drop. Other considerations will be, are you running power to a battery bank or putting power back into the grid?

Q:  How does the FlowGen Generator compare to solar power?

A: If you compare our smallest generator (4kW) to solar it equals approximately 14 solar panels?  There is a notable difference Flowgen can generate power up to 24 hours a day, whereas solar panels only work during the day.  The generator would a be good choice for night time generation. An example of a ideal application would be to run the generator back to a battery bank.  If you have solar running into your battery bank you will not need such a large solar array.

Q:  We don’t have a battery bank and would like to run the power back into the grid?

A:  You can purchase a rectifier for this generator at an additional cost.

Q:  Where are these generators made and what material are they made of? 

A:  The central coast of New South Wales manufactures the outside casing.The motor technology is not available in Australia, therefore, the motors are purchased in the US and Europe.  Bearings etc., can be purchased anywhere in Australia and overseas. The generators can be made of stainless steel, aluminium and plastic.  Due to the compact size of the generators they can be shipped worldwide.