Containerised in a manifold configuration currently producing 120 kwh and expected to rise between 500 kwh to 1 mw within the next 18 months. ideal for military deployment, mining, remote locations with access to a running water or fluid source

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Water Utilities

Water utility networks require pressure reduction to maintain the integrity of the distribution system.  FlowGen provides a perfect opportunity to control pressure and generate electricity from the redundant kinetic energy stored in the flowing water. Current pressure reduction systems and independently generation systems are often large and expensive.  FlowGen comes in a modulated and unmodulated format providing both a pressure reduction option and power generation system.  The system is compact, can be installed in series or manifold form and has a short payback period depending on business model utilised.
Remote Villages

In its pure generation format the system can generate remote power, power for villages near rivers and tidal streams, provide portable generation capacity for the military in its containerised format.

The FlowGen is a patented inline, in pipe, micro hydro generator that can be fitted into Greenfield Projects or retrofitted into existing structures.  It has a wide range of applications with the use of simple attachments (flanges).  It has two moving parts with no extrusions from the pipe.

Our initial aim was to develop a hydro generator that was compact, easy to maintain and a single design with multiple uses.  FlowGen is a versatile micro hydro with applications for water utilities.  It can be used as a combined generator and pressure reduction system (both modulated and unmodulated), a high-speed pump, a pure generation unit for wastewater treatment plants, dams, river and tidal systems, high rise buildings, rivers and streams.  The system can be used on land or is fully submersible using the fluid as a self-cooling system.

Our contribution to help combat Global Warming
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